How to win the Euromillions lottery

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How to win the Euro millions

In order for you to win the Euromillions, you will need to match all five the main the main numbers as well as two lucky stars. The statistics show that you have a 1 in 116, 531, 800 chance of actually doing this and sometimes people become very annoyed and stop playing. But, you can become very rich, and there are previous Euromillions winners who have done this, without even winning the actual jackpot prize.


Match only 2 Euromillions Numbers for a Prize!

Now, for a player to win any prize in the Euromillions lottery they need to match 2 or more numbers. The odds of this happening is 1 in 13 – GREAT! The next thing – the chances of you matching 5 numbers as well as 1 lucky star is 1 in 6, 473, 989 – a lot better than the odds of winning the jackpot. If this interests you then read on.


  1. Focus on Rollovers as well as Super draws.
  2. Play the Euromillions lottery regularly.
  3. Join a Euromillions syndicate. This will increase your chances of winning because you will be playing many different combinations at the same time for the same draw.
  4. Play with many play slips.
  5. Buy More Tickets Similarly to the idea of multiple playslips, the more lines you purchase per draw the higher your chances are of winning a Euromillions prize. 

Everyone plays lotto in the hopes of scooping up the jackpot prize. This however is due to the fact that many people are uninformed. You could win a staggering amount by just focussing on these 5 steps. The second prize in Euromillions is sometimes as much as a jackpot prize in another lottery.

Do not hesitate. Do not let someone else grab the prize that you are destined to win. I have heard countless people tell me how they never win anything in the lotto. When I ask them how often they play – the answer is always the same. Once or twice a year. You cannot to expect to win if you do not put in the effort. Good luck!

Happy betting!


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