What is the Real Lotto Secret?

What is the ultimate lotto secret?

Everyone wants to know what the ultimate lotto secret is; that is, if there really is such a thing as a lotto secret! If you Google the phrase “lotto secret” you will find thousands of sites that offer lotto secrets. There are countless systems and software programs that are hailed as the very best way in which to increase your chances of winning big prizes. The problem here is apparent: they cannot all be right, can they? So maybe there is no real lotto secret after all!

If you need business advice the best person to ask is a successful businessman, not so? It therefore makes sense to ask a multiple lotto winner what the lotto secret is. A British couple, David and Cathleen Long has won the Euromillions an astonishing four times! And they won big. Their smallest win was a mere £1 million and once they walked off with a staggering £53 million! What is their lotto secret?

Play the lotto online!

That’s it! David and Cathleen Long say that their only lotto secret is that they play online. Why is this this a lotto secret? Here is their reasoning on why the ultimate lotto secret is to play online.

  • When you are registered to play the lotto online you have access to a multitude of valuable resources. You can study detailed draw statistics on all the huge lottos and there are numerous articles containing advice and tips. The Longs used these resources to plan their entries.

  • Online players qualify for all kinds of special offers such as additional cash prizes, coveted electronic devices and free lottery tickets.

  • Online players get regular newsletters informing them about jackpot sizes, draw results and draw dates.

  • Online players cannot lose their tickets.

  • Online players are automatically notified when they win a prize.

It certainly seems as if online lotto players have an edge over those who buy their tickets from a local outlet. For David and Cathleen Long, playing the lotto online is the true lotto secret.

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