Visualize Your Dream Vacation …


Most of us dream of “the ultimate holiday”. Most of us try to set it up for “one day” when our ship comes in, when one has saved enough, sorted out that health problem, won the lotto, the children are big enough, finished renovations to the house … Don’t get to the “why didn’t we” stage. Make a real effort and organise is now!

Chill or challenge?

Whether you like intellectual pursuits or a luxury rest in paradise, dream of surveying the world from the top of Kilimanjaro or join a tour of cathedrals and churches with musical performances for the Christmas season, somehow one feels the need to get away. Even with a lot of accumulated leave, and the intention to rest, one somehow gets caught up in the mundane daily demands if one simply stays at home.

The horizon’s call

You will be amazed at how affordable packaged tours are, and the advantage is that you know exactly what it will cost you. The dull and routine idea of a pre-arranged vacation is no longer valid. The variety and range will astonish you, and one can slot in on one’s own terms.

Here are a few options that may coincide with your dream vacation – do explore them:

  • Speciality cruises: Stay on board a luxury liner and attend lectures or demonstrations by experts on your chosen topic. Then visit sites related to the field. Areas of interest range from archaeology, history, music, film making, geophysics, literature, great battles or epic journeys, architecture, food and many more.
  • De-tox in Thailand: Live on a beach, swim every day in balmy water, eat raw, fresh and exquisitely prepared food, enjoy massages and gentle exercise.
  • Extreme sport: Bungee jump off a cliff, parachute from a ‘plane, scuba dive, rock climb or learn to fly a helicopter.

If you can dream it, it exists. A dream vacation is within your reach!

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