The odds of winning a lotto prize

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What Are The Odds Of Winning A Specific Lotto Prize?

Many people do not realize that they don’t have to win the jackpot in order to win a prize. By matching 3 or more numbers correctly, you could win a prize. Listed below are the chances of winning a specific prize in the United Kingdom National lottery.

Your chances of matching three Lotto numbers are as follows:

  1. The odds of you matching the first number drawn: 49/6
  2. The odds of you matching the second number drawn: 48/5
  3. The odds of  you matching the third number drawn: 47/4
  4. The odds of you not matching the fourth number drawn: 46/43
  5. The odds of you not matching the fifth number drawn: 45/42
  6. The odds of you not matching the sixth number drawn: 44/41

If we multiply all of these numbers together the result is:

49/6 x 48/5 x 47/4 x 46/43 x 45/42 x 44/41 = 1133.119

There are actually 20 ways for you to match exactly three balls, as you could match the first second and third balls as in the example above, or you could match the fourth fifth and sixth balls, or any combination in between. So the chances of matching exactly three numbers are: 1133.119/20 = 56.65593 Therefore your chances of winning a prize for matching three numbers is more or less 1 in 56.7.

Four Lotto Numbers:

We calculate the chances of matching four numbers the same way in which we calculated the odds of matching 3 numbers, with one exception. This time we first take the odds of matching the first 4 numbers and the odds of not matching the remaining two numbers:

49/6 x 48/5 x 47/4 x 46/3 x 45/43 x 44/42 = 15,485.95

We now divide this by the number of possible combinations to get: 15,485.95/15 = 1032.397

Making your chances of winning a prize for matching four numbers more or less 1 in 1032.

Happy betting!


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