Lucky Lotto

Do you have to get Lady Luck on your side to Win the Lottery?

There are so many different ways to play lotto – and so many different lottos to choose from to play these days – that you may sometimes wonder if there is any way to know that you are going to win the lotto with your numbers. You may even ask if you have to be lucky to win the lotto, or whether there is a special way with which to choose lucky lotto numbers. Here are just four ways you can try to choose your lucky numbers.

Let the System Choose

Most lottos have the option when you choose your lottery numbers to let the system randomly choose numbers for you which you will then play for that week. Some swear that this is the way to choose lucky lotto numbers and that these numbers will bring you luck.

Random Numbers

Other lottery players believe that the lucky lotto numbers that will bring you luck and let you win the jackpot are chosen randomly. You could, for instance, choose a random phone number or random page numbers in a book. You could also use random sport teams’ winning scores as your numbers.

Sentimental Numbers

Another way of choosing your numbers is to choose those numbers which are sentimental to you in one way or another. These numbers can include birthdays or anniversaries. Or maybe you could use your own phone number as your lucky lotto numbers. You could also use your favourite team’s winning scores as the numbers to bring you luck.

Previous Winning Numbers

The final way in which to choose numbers (which will be mentioned here) is to choose previous winning numbers. Some believe that choosing either numbers which have won previously or choosing numbers which almost never features, will bring you luck and will be lucky lotto numbers that will win you the jackpot.

No matter how you end up choosing your lucky lottery numbers, remember that this is a game and you should enjoy it!

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