Improve your relationship with yourself

How important is the relationship with yourself?

The relationship you have with yourself is crucial and just about the most important relationship in your life. If you do not accept, love and care for yourself, nobody else will. This is the basis of your relationships with others. You have to be aware of your own needs and strengths before you can positively contribute to any other relationships.   

Relationship with yourself Tip #1: Affirm yourself

Are you constantly seeking affirmation from others? Do you always ask their opinion and measure yourself according to their answers? Stop that right now! You have to affirm yourself. You are a unique individual – give yourself some credit for your successes and achievements. If you fail to do this, you will become dependent on compliments and assurances for self-worth. Not a good place to be. You do not need to rely on the validation of others.

Relationship with yourself Tip #2: Let it go

Do you suffer from guilt and continuously hammer yourself about past mistakes? Stop doing that. You do more harm than you may think. Let go of the guilt and bad feelings. There is nothing you can do about it now. It happened. It’s in the past. Keep it there. Learn from your mistakes and rather take care to move forward with a positive mindset.

Relationship with yourself Tip #3: Serve others

This may sound weird, but think about it … Have you noticed how good you feel when you do a good deed? You feel energised, positive about yourself and yes, even happy. You help someone else and at the same time you add to your own self-worth and image. That’s a win-win situation.

Relationship with yourself Tip #4: Take some Time Out

You have to make time for yourself, even if you have a hectic schedule. If you don’t you will suffer from stress, anxiety and burn-out. Allow yourself some time to unwind every day. You owe it to yourself. Gather your thoughts and think about where you are in your life. Determine whether you are the main character in your own movie or just a bit player. Use this time to empower yourself. By doing this, you will have more strength to help others as well.

Relationship with yourself Tip #5: Become Self-aware

Take a good, long look at yourself and list both your weaknesses and strengths. Identify the things that make you unique and instead of wanting to conform, embrace your uniqueness. Stay true to yourself. Accept who you are. Decide what you want from life. Design your life according to that and move forward with a positive mindset.

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