5 Steps to a better Life in 2017

Get a Better Life in 2017

Make this year meaningful right from the start. The sooner you decide what will make you happy this year, start implementing a plan to reach those goals. You should also mind yourself – take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. This will make you more relaxed and less stressed, allowing you to focus on the things that are important.

Better Life #1: Get up earlier

Do you tend to snooze your alarm clock and then have to go into overdrive in order to be on time for work? When that happens, the entire day seems to go to hell. Get up earlier, ignore the snooze button and put your feet on the ground. You will feel less fuzzy and your day will start on a positive note.

Better Life #2: Demolish the Frog

The frog, in this instance, is the one task you have to do, but hate doing. Do it as early as possible and get it out of the way so that you have the rest of the day to focus on stuff you like doing. This may be a menial task, a dreaded phone call or whatever you dread doing. You will be more relaxed after demolishing the frog.

Better Life #3: Give a Compliment

Giving a compliment not only makes the other person feel good, it also makes you feel good. Have you noticed how uplifting it is to give a compliment? You feel happy, positive and just plain good about yourself. Do more of this.

Better Life #4: Kill Negative Habits

Now is the perfect time to kill those horrible negative habits you know you have, but tend to ignore. Stop smoking, drink less alcohol and start doing a few daily exercises. Stop making assumptions and rather communicate more clearly. Manage your anger and simplify your life.

Better Life #5: Positive Mind

Make a habit of thinking at least one positive thought every day. Get into the habit of being grateful for what you have, instead of sulking about what you do not have. Whenever you encounter a negative situation, look for at least one positive result. Learn from your mistakes and face life with a positive mindset from today.


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