5 Lotto Jackpot Rules

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What are the Five Golden Lotto Jackpot Rules?

Playing the lottery I fairly easy, but to make it even more enjoyable and sensible we have listed five golden rules.

Firstly – You should plan ahead

Do not wait until the last minute to buy your lottery tickets. If you leave it to the last minute you will be standing in long queues and you might even fail to make it to the front before the cutoff time.

Secondly – Get yourself a good hiding place

We have mentioned this is many previous articles. People lose out on their winnings simply because they lose or misplace their tickets. This is a tragedy that should not become yours.

Thirdly – check your numbers weekly

There are many prizes that went unclaimed because the ticket holders did not realize that they were winners. Check your numbers weekly. If you do not, you too could lose out on millions of dollars.

Fourthly – Claim promptly

Make your claim as soon as you possibly can. Winners tend to think they need to wait a week or so to let it all sink in – we say NO! What happens if you lose your ticket, or if it gets stolen? You will have plenty of time to think about everything after you claim your prize.

Lastly – Do not brag

If you win, you will have the decision to go public with your win. Whatever you choose to do, don’t brag. Try to be as humble about your win as you possibly can. Life could have very well dealt you another card.

Happy betting!

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